Friday, August 04, 2006

"The Math of Letting Go" by Yours Truly

We have all heard the famous phrase "The Art of Letting Go" but how about "The Math of Letting Go"? Never heard, right? Don't get me wrong, I'm not your typical nerdy mathematician. In fact, numbers are my waterloo. That's why I took up Psychology (This is a usual excuse of Psych studs, hehe)...

But, how do you equate 2 years + 2 months + 11 days? Simple, that's the duration of my stay here in ePac or should I say, One Global? I could still vividly recall the first few days of my stay in the company. I had a long hair with one clip on the side, having the "I'm a fresh graduate" sign written all over my face. I was initially assigned to do a phone screening for CCA aspirants, having had lost countless "pakaws" of my earrings, coz Imy ears are glued over the phone during call-outs. Thank God for the now famous chandelier earrings. Meeting quotas of # of trainees were then my main target. Two or three of us were pooling for Timeshare requirements and now, Read this: We are already 13!!! But wait, there's more! We're already 26 including the US and DLP campaigns.

Time went by until I was then assigned to handle Support up to this very day, together with mah babies, Mich, Ghala, and Lady. Whoa! That's been 9 months. I should have had a newly-born child by now. Numbers, numbers, numbers ....You probably must have noticed how many numbers are here in this essay. Bottom line is, no matter how many required trainees should there be, how many non-sales positions have been filled up, how much my salary increase is, how many are we in the department, no piece of paper could count the number of mixed emotions and lessons learned brought about my experience here in One Global! What an irony, the company's name even contains a number.

The camaraderie with my co-recruiters and other departments, the number of call center bloopers like "If my coffee shop business would grew up, I will build a call center" , the dealings with various managers...well, practically almost everything have contributed to the person that I am right now.... And so, as I leave the portals of 17th Floor, I bring with me the joy of being forever being indebted to all of you, the sadness of leaving you , and the modesty of asking forgiveness for all my shortcomings, and finally THE MATH OF LETTING GO....

*also dedicated to the former employees of ePac/ One Global

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Happy Birthday Grace!!!

I've known a Grace or two
But none of them compares to you
Unique are those inborn eyebags
That goes along with the trendy eyeglass
Next is the flawless complexion
That we never fail to mention
The crowning glory is short and simple
The face is often without any trace of pimple
Well enough of the physical side
To the other aspects shall we glide?

Most of us can tolerate her Obssessive- compulsive disorder
Deadline- conscious is she whenever we get together
As a friend, she's a real grace in the truest sense of the word
With that hilarious laugh that turns my whole world
"Sweetie" is what we call each other
When we're apart, we miss one another
Always worried when I stay late in the office
And calm when I get home and give her a notice
This friend of mine is a reliable one
You can depend on her and her significant someone (George, that is, FYI, her imaginary friend)

Grace, on your special day
May you be merry and gay
I wish you goodluck on all your endeavors
For God will bless you with many favors
May you have many happy returns of the day
And may you be happy in every way
I know you're not getting younger
But to me, you'll be fresher than ever
In my heart is where I'll keep you
In my mind is where I'll treasure you

It's ya bday Grace....Kitakits!!!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Ei there! Just trying out my new blogsite.... Shempre, first and foremost, I would want to write about the people who are close to my heart....First is my family...Wala me available na pix nila for now...camera-shy kc Mom and Dad ko...hehe..FYI, I am an only child po....Well, we are a closely-knit family, malamang dibah , tatatlo na nga lng kmi, di p kami magiging close...Love na love ko parents ko kahit na minsan eh , pasaway ako....

Next are my friends...Our group's name is Vixens.....Miss na miss ko na silang lahat..bihira na lang kc kmi mgkasama2 e....busy-busyhan ung iba, while some have already migrated...Grabe, they have seen my life's ups and downs...and shempre, I'm very happy with our kulitans, outings, and other stuff....Here's our studio pic, back when we were still Third year at St. Paul..

Right now, I'm at work....I am currently the Recruitment Officer in our department... I love all of them...They are the brothers and sisters that I never had...They are all nice and fun-loving as well...

Well, that's it for now...Welcome to my world!

Next time, I'll be posting some essays that I have made before. Until then!!